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CIT Board

The Canberra Institute of Technology is a territory authority established under the Canberra Institute of Technology Act 1987 (CIT Act).

The CIT Act was amended in 2014 to replace the CIT Advisory Council with a governing board to better enable CIT "to meet the twin objectives of operating as a public provider of vocational education and training and operating with greater commercial and entrepreneurial focus in an increasingly contestable training marketplace" (Minister for Education and Training, ACT Legislative Assembly, 30 October 2014).

Governance of territory authorities is regulated by the Financial Management Act 1996 (FMA) and many elements of the operation of a governing board established under territory legislation are provided for in the FMA.

The CIT Board commenced operation on 1 July 2015.

The functions of the CIT Board are prescribed in section 77 of the FMA and are:

  • setting CIT policies and strategies;
  • governing CIT consistently with the authority's establishing Act and other relevant legislation;
  • ensuring, as far as practicable, that CIT operates in a proper, effective and efficient way; and
  • ensuring, as far as practicable, that CIT complies with applicable governmental policies (if any).

Membership of the CIT Board consists of at least 9 and no more than 11 members, and is defined in sections 10-12 of the CIT Act. Part 9 of the FMA prescribes the requirements for appointment to the CIT Board and all appointments are made under section 11 of the CIT Act by the ACT Government Minister for Tertiary Education. Membership of the CIT Board includes an elected CIT student and staff member. Current members are listed below.

The CIT Chief Executive Officer is a member of the CIT Board in accordance with section 80 (4) of the FMA.

The inaugural meeting of the CIT Board was held on 29 July 2015. At the meeting the CIT Board agreed to publish a communique following each Board meeting as a public summary of matters considered by the CIT Board. The communiques are available below.

The CIT Board will be meeting a minimum of five times per year and may establish sub-committees from time to time to assist the Board to more effectively deal with complex or specialised issues.

If you would like more information about the Board or to raise issues on any matters, you can contact the CIT Board directly by email:

Membership of the CIT Board

Mr Craig Sloan


Ms Kate Lundy
Deputy Chair


Mr Peter McGrath


Mr Raymond Garrand


Mr Nigel Phair


Ms Leanne Cover
Chief Executive Officer
Canberra Institute of Technology


Prof Francis Shannon


Ms Jane Madden

Tahlia-Rose Vanissum

Tahlia-Rose Vanissum

Eve De Gregorio

Eve De Gregorio
Student Representative

Sam Mills

Mr Sam Mills
Elected Staff Member


CIT Board Communiques