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Internet and WiFi access

CIT students and staff have Wi-Fi internet access at all CIT locations.

Student use of Wi-Fi must be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

To use the Wi-Fi, you need have a Microsoft 365 (M365) account issued by CIT.

If you do not have a CIT M365 account, you can use 'CIT Public' Wi-Fi to connect and access the Internet.


  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your device
  • Connect to One
  • Enter your username and password when prompted:
    CIT students: CIT Student email address and password
    CIT staff: Network login
  • Use these settings to configure your wireless connection if you need to:
    Security/Encryption: WPA2 Enterprise
    CA Certificate: Use system certificates

Need more help?

For help with accessing Wi-Fi ask CIT staff for help or refer to help guide below:

To activate your CIT M365 account visit the CIT website

Visit the passwords webpage for more information and additional support.