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The best photography courses and facilities are right here at CIT! The facilities, equipment and studios are everything you need to learn commercial skills and produce a portfolio of high-quality work.

CIT photography students benefit from:

  • real industry experience through field trips
  • the opportunity to work on industry projects
  • learning to use professional photography equipment and industry standard studios
  • building a network of contacts in the industry
  • internship opportunities
  • participation in competitions and exhibitions to launch their work and profile as an emerging commercial practitioner.

Students can specialise in areas such as fashion, advertising, food, travel, architecture, vehicles, documentary, wedding or portrait photography, and many of our graduates have become industry leaders in these fields.

CIT offers two nationally accredited courses, the Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging (CUA41120) and the Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging (CUA50920). Combining these two courses forms a two-year full-time course in commercial photography. In order to complete the diploma you must have completed the certificate IV or have broad industry experience. Units within the certificate IV are being offered during the evenings for greater flexibility through a part-time study option. This qualification is for students who want a career or knowledge to professional standards.

Photography Pathway

Certificate IV in Photography and Digital Imaging (CUA41120) > Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging (CUA50920) > further study or direct to Industry.

Industry Connections

Sun Studios and Broncolor

Industry projects and opportunities for our students come about from our strong connections with organisations, institutions, and leading industry practitioners including:

  • The Canberra Times
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Melbourne Fashion Festival
  • Australian Fashion Week
  • Sydney Head On Photography Festival
  • Canon Australia and Sun Studios
  • Kayell Australia
  • Numerous Canberra and Sydney photographers.

Course List

Description Delivery AA
Diploma Photography and Digital Imaging
Certificate IV Photography and Digital Imaging

AA - these courses are available as apprenticeships, traineeships or Australian School-based Apprenticeships (ASbAs). See above for availability, or contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or

Delivery - FT = Full-time, PT = Part-time, ON = Online, FL = Flexible.