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CITCard for Students

What is CITCard?

The CITCard is your student identity card. It displays your:

  • full name
  • CIT number
  • CITCard valid date
  • colour photo ID
  • student status as either FT (full-time) or PT (part-time)
  • library barcode

The CITCard is required to:

  • verify your identity while on any CIT campus
  • access library resources
  • utilise user-pay services such as printing and photocopying
  • gain access to secure areas (i.e. computing labs and special purpose rooms, 24 hour computer labs)
  • New student CITCard
    • Visit the CITCard Online Application if you are a new student applying for your CITCard for the first time. Step-by-step instructions are included below.

      If you're a continuing student and your CITCard has expired, your name has changed or if your card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, please refer to the Replacement Student CITCards section.

    • How to apply for your CITCard?

      Before you apply, please ensure that you have finalised your enrolment and
      - paid your fees in full; or
      - entered into a payment plan and paid the first instalment; or
      - applied for fee assistance and made an initial payment for the current semester; or
      - lodged your eCAF application if you are accessing a VET Student Loan to cover the payment of your course.
    • 1. Log into the CITCard Online Application using your student CIT ID number (e.g. CITXXXXXX and password). *Note: your password is initially set as your six-digit date of birth in the format DDMMYY – e.g. If your birthday is 5 May 1982 your password would be 050582. If you have activated Microsoft Office 365, use the password you created.
    • 2. Verify your identity by choosing and uploading one of the following photo ID types:
      - Australian driver's licence
      - Australian passport
      - Government Proof of Age Card
      - International Travel Documentation (passport, diplomatic or international licence).
      *Your identification document must be current.
      Click on the submit button to upload your ID verification document.
    • 3. Upload your photo. You can upload your photo from file using any of the supported formats (.BMP, .JPEG, .PNG) or take a photo from your webcam. Ensure you have read the CITCard photo upload guidelines. *Unacceptable photos will delay the processing of your application. Click on the Upload photo button.
    • 4. Crop and adjust your photo if required or upload a different photo. Click on the submit this photo button.
    • 5. Confirm your details are correct and select a preferred collection point (listed below). Click on the confirm details button.
    • 6. Submit your application for approval. Click on the submit button. CIT will notify you by email on the outcome of your application (this can take up to 2 business days).
    • 7. If approved, your card will be printed and available for collection within 2 business days. Photo ID is required at the time of pick up. Refer to the CIT Student ID Check Form for suitable identification.
    • Note: all CIT students must confirm their identity by providing 100 points of ID when enrolling, if you have not yet fulfilled this requirement you will be required to do so when collecting your CITCard. Bring at least one primary document proving citizenship, a form of photo ID and identification showing your date of birth when you come to collect your CITCard. To check on valid forms of ID view the Student ID Check Form here. If you are unsure of any of these requirements, contact (02) 6207 3188 (during opening hours), Live Chat or email
    • Collection points

    • Students will have a selection of five collection points in the CITCard Portal, as shown below. Please specify your preferred collection point in your CITCard application.
    • - CIT Bruce Student Services
      - CIT Fyshwick Student Services
      - CIT Gungahlin Student Services
      - CIT Reid Student Services
      - CIT Tuggeranong Student Services
      - CIT Receive by Mail
    • CIT Students Services locations and opening hours
    • CITCard Terms and Conditions

      Your ID card MUST only be used in accordance with CIT Card Terms and Conditions (PDF 397Kb)
    • Applying for access to be added to your new CITCard

      For access to CIT Reid carpark, CIT Reid Library 24 hour Access complete and submit the appropriate online form. For access to a specific computer lab or specialised area, complete a Student Request to Access Facilities Form. This request form must be approved and signed by your teaching area’s Head of Department and is processed by the relevant Campus Estate Office listed as below;
    • - CIT Bruce, Building A, Room A15
      - CIT Fyshwick, Building E, Room E103
      - CIT Reid, Building G, Room G32
  • Replacement student CITCards
    • Expired student cards - Re-enrolling/Continuing students

    • Do you need a new card?
    • This will depend on the expiry date on your current CITCard. CITCards are usually issued with an expiry date of March the following year. Check the expiry date on your card and if your student CITCard expiry date has passed before you have completed your course, visit CIT Student Services on campus bringing your expired CITCard with you and once approved, a re-validation sticker will be applied. See below for how to re-instate your access if required.
    • Expired student cards - Re-enrolling/Continuing students Re-instating access (re-validated expired cards)
    • Student Services will apply a revalidation sticker to your CITCard and advise you how to get your access reinstated.
    • Lost and stolen cards
    • Lost or stolen cards will incur a replacement fee of $15.
    • To request a replacement CITCard you will need to complete the Request for reissue of Lost/Stole/Damaged CITCard form.
    • Once a replacement card is approved, you will be notified by Student Services that your CITCard is available to pick up from your nominated collection point.
    • If your CITCard is lost or stolen you must immediately contact CIT Student Services for a replacement card to be issued and your CIT access to be removed from the previous CITCard.
    • Ensure you have your CIT number and full name ready and Police report if applicable. Once you receive your replacement card, your library borrowing rights and room access on your lost/stolen card will be cancelled.
    • For afterhours support, you will need to contact CIT Estate on the numbers below to cancel your card access to buildings and rooms:
    • Campus Contact No.
      CIT Bruce (02) 6207 4000
      CIT Reid (02) 6207 3540
      CIT Fyshwick (02) 6205 3148
      CIT Gungahlin (02) 6205 0154
      CIT Tuggeranong (02) 6207 3676
    • Damaged cards
    • Accidental damage can cause parts of the card to stop working. Similarly, damage such as punching a hole in a card to attach a lanyard can also shorten the life of the card or stop it working altogether. We recommend treating your card with care and keeping it in a safe place when not in use.
    • Under CIT Terms and Conditions, damaged cards may incur a replacement fee of $15.
    • If your CITCard has been damaged and you require a replacement, you will need to complete the Request for reissue of Lost/Stole/Damaged CITCard form.
    • Any damaged card must be returned to CIT Student Services on any campus during opening hours
    • Once a replacement card is approved, you will be notified by CIT Student Services that your CITCard is available to pick up from your nominated collection point.
    • Change of name
    • If any part of your name changes throughout the term of your studies at CIT (eg a new surname after marriage) you’ll need to let us know so we can update your student records and your CITCard. You can do this by following one of the options listed below;
    • 1. Contact CIT Student Services via email explaining your change of name. Attach scanned certified change of name documentation; or
    • 2. Visit any Student Services on campus, remembering to bring proof of change of name or other relevant documentation with you.
    • Once a replacement card is approved, Student Services will notify you when your card is available to pick up from your nominated collection point or issue you a new CITCard immediately.
    • Faulty cards
    • Student Services will replace CITCards at no charge if the card is deemed faulty/defective; or if the data on the card (e.g. name or student ID) is incorrect at the time of issuing. If you believe your card is faulty follow one of the options listed below;
    • 1. Contact CIT Student Services via email and attach a scanned copy of your faulty card along with a brief explanation of the fault; or
    • 2. Visit Student Services at any campus during business hours and bring your card with you to arrange a replacement.
    • Once approved, CIT Student Services will notify you when your card is available to pick up from your nominated collection point, or issue you a new card immediately.
    • Contact us
    • For all queries about your CITCard, please contact CIT Student Services.

      You must return your CITCard to one of the CIT Student Services locations on completion of your studies.