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Information for staff

At CIT we appreciate and value the contribution that our staff make to the CIT community and in particular our students. Please find below a range of remote online services available to you as a CIT staff member.

Password reset

CIT staff are now able to change their passwords remotely, even if they have forgot it.

If you have any difficulties, please contact Shared Services Support Desk on (02) 6207 9000.

Accessing your email remotely

CIT staff can now access their email remotely, including while they are working from home. Staff working remotely from a CIT laptop or device can simply access Outlook from their desktop, while staff who are working on their own devices can log in via using their current CIT login.

If you have any difficulties contact Shared Services Support Desk on (02) 6207 9000.

Accessing CIT SMS remotely

This service is for CIT staff who need to access the CIT SMS from off campus, this also includes from home. To access the service, open a web browser and go to the following URL:

Accessing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) remotely

To access the CRM remotely you will need to install the CRM on your home laptop or computer, you can find installation instructions click here (PDF 256Kb).

If your computer is not up to date with its .NET version, RightNow CRM will not load and you will receive an error message. For instruction on how to update your .NET system click here (PDF 250Kb).

Accessing the Staff Information Site

The new enhanced Staff Information Site is available at through SharePoint. Staff can access this via using their current CIT login.

The Staff Information Site contains information on upcoming events, important dates, messages to staff and information on the different department across the institute. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with this seamless new platform.

Accessing Student Management System (Banner) remotely

This service is for CIT staff with existing access to access Banner. Banner 8 and Banner 9 are now available from off campus, this also includes from home.

To access Banner 9, open a web browser and go to the following URL:

To access Banner 8, open a web browser and go to the following URL:

Accessing Webex meetings remotely

Cisco Webex Meetings is a collaborative meeting application in CIT. This great new tool can be used on desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices, and it is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

WebEx can be accesses via for instructions click here (PDF 736Kb).

WebEx can be accessed on your mobile device, for instructions click here (PDF1.4Mb).


eLearn is CIT's online learning environment. You can access eLearn from

If you're having any difficulties developing materials on elearn please click here

For further help with eLearn, contact eLearn Support on (02) 6207 3833 or

Staff contact list

Details for ACT Government employees are listed on the ACT Government Directory . You can search by staff member or organisational unit.

Accessing Cisco Jabber remotely and forwarding your work phone

All calls to your work phone will automatically be forwarded to your mobile while you're logged into the app. You'll only receive calls while the app is open.

  1. Download Cisco Jabber from the Apple or Android app store.
  2. Sign in using your CIT email
  3. The next screen will automatically pre-fill your email. Replace this with your computer login - FirstName LastName.
  4. Enter your password.

*Note: if you have any issues with Cisco Jabber, select 'Reset Jabber' and repeat the steps above.

RiskMan reporting

The RiskMan application is an accident/incident reporting system designed for the online entry, notification and investigation of work health and safety incidents and accidents occurring in ACTPS workplaces. It replaces the Accident/Incident Report or AIR as it is commonly known:

Room capacity information

The capacity was assessed considering the following:

  • 4sqm per person
  • 1.5m physical distancing
  • equipment/tables/tools in the room
  • discussions with HoDs as required

The actual number allowed could change based on room configurations and activities proposed in the classroom to meet other health directions and future COVID-19 restrictions as advised by the ACT Government.

The room capacity information is available through Banner by looking up SLARDEF (Enter Building as Campus/Block i.e. RB is Reid, B block, enter room number i.e. B101, enter term i.e. 202020). This information is also available remotely.

Alternatively CRN creation team can be contacted by email or by phone (02) 6207 3747 to support finding the available classrooms.

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