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Skills Recognition

What is Skills Recognition?

Skills Recognition is a process that formally recognises and acknowledgement the skills you have learned from your work, life experiences, or from any previous training.

Undertaking Skills Recognition means you can gain either a part or full qualification without having to re-learn or practice things you already know and do.

Skills Recognition at CIT is Credit Transfer (CT) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or a mix of both.

  • CT: is used when a Unit of Competency/Subject is given direct credit using previous formal training from an accredited training package, where the national code is identical or when the unit of competency/subject is identified as equivalent on
  • RPL: is when evidence, such as, work samples and experience provided by you is assessed by CIT and it meets all the unit of competency/subject requirements.

What are the benefits of Skills Recognition?

Skills Recognition means you don't have to study things you already know. It makes gaining a qualification more relevant and less time consuming. It also allows you to reach your goal more quickly - whether it is to increase your job prospects, gain a promotion, change your career or advance to a higher qualification.

You do not need to be a current student to apply for Skills Recognition.

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