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Art - Are you creative? Interested in pursuing a career in creative industries? Get into this vibrant field with a CIT course in visual arts or design.

Beauty - Develop extensive advanced practical skills with our beauty therapy program designed and delivered by our highly experienced and qualified beauty therapy teachers.

Building Design - Building designers may specialise in residential projects, including new buildings, additions or renovations; or they may also undertake commercial and industrial projects, such as factories, motels, offices, restaurants, retail or service outlets and warehouses.

Fashion - Do you want to see your designs on the pages of Frankie Magazine or on the catwalk in front of Anna Wintour?

Floristry - Suited to people who wish to obtain high level technical floristry and design skills and an ability to work at professional floristry standards.

Games and Virtual Worlds - Provides you with skills in computer game / simulation design and programming.

Graphic Design - A career in graphic design is exciting, varied and fulfilling.

Hairdressing - Gives you the skills and knowledge to be a highly skilled senior hairdresser, working as part of or coordinating a salon team.

Live Theatre Production - Gives you the skills and knowledge to work effectively on the staging of live productions for a variety of entertainment industries.

Interior Design - There is no better place to start your career in interior design than at CIT. You'll graduate ready to work in the industry.

Media - CIT's dynamic media courses will give you everything you need to enter the fields of screen and media, journalism, digital media or professional communications.

Music - Enter the exciting world of sound production, music business, music performance or music electronica with a music course from CIT!

Photography - The facilities, equipment and studios at CIT are everything you need to learn commercial skills and produce a portfolio of high-quality work.

Studio19 Registrations - Studio 19. Come along to CIT's creative industries open house on Thursday 12 September 2019, where students can meet our professional staff, use CIT’s first class industry standard facilities, and find out what it's like to be a CIT student for a day.