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Automotive - If you have a passion for cars, trucks or bikes, then rev up your career with an automotive course. The practical hands-on approach at CIT will help you kickstart a career in the fast-paced industry.

Asbestos Training - Gain hands-on experience and knowledge under the guidance of industry experts including a former ACT safety commissioner, and become compliant with WorkSafe ACT asbestos removal regulations and requirements.

Baking and Patisserie - You will gain skills and knowledge in relation to baking a range cakes, pastries and cookies.

Building Design - Building designers may specialise in residential projects, including new buildings, additions or renovations; or they may also undertake commercial and industrial projects, such as factories, motels, offices, restaurants, retail or service outlets and warehouses.

Building Management - Designed to meet the needs of builders and managers of small to medium-sized building businesses, including selecting contractors, overseeing the work and its quality, and liaising with clients.

Butchery - Covers work activities undertaken by workers working in meat retailing enterprises.

Cabinet Making - Provides traditional and contemporary outcomes in cabinet making trade.

Carpentry - Provides a trade outcome in carpentry and joinery, covering work in residential and commercial applications.

Commercial Cookery - Work as a commercial cook who uses a wide range of cookery skills.

Crane Licences - Provides you with the skills and knowledge required to perform various high risk tasks necessary for licensing in the construction industry.

Electronics and Communications - Provides training in selecting, installing, setting up, testing, fault finding, repairing and maintenance of electronic equipment and devices.

Electrical Trades - Become a qualified 'sparkie'. Gain the ability to work in a variety of electrical equipment/systems in residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Elevated Work Platform EWP Licence - Provides you with the skills and knowledge required to be able to perform various high risk tasks necessary for licensing in the construction industry.

Engineering - Gives you the engineering skills and knowledge required for an engineering draftsperson producing engineering drawings or a technical officer involved in basic project management, procurement and sales within an engineering or manufacturing work environment.

Forklift - CIT is a trusted provider of forklift LPG and CNG gasfitter training, having worked with industry in the field for over 30 years.

Future Energy Skills - CIT offers a variety of courses and pathway opportunities in the future energy industries ranging from short courses and apprenticeships to more specialised training to up- or re-skill existing trade professionals.

Glass and Glazing - Provides the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of glass and glazing job roles, including safely manufacturing, processing, moving types of glass.

Hairdressing - Gives you the skills and knowledge to be a highly skilled senior hairdresser, working as part of or coordinating a salon team.

Horticulture - CIT's horticultural courses are ideal for anyone with a passion for plants or flowers. Stay ahead of the game with a qualification that will equip you to work in horticulture.

Insulation Installation - Provides retailers, contractors, and installers of insulation products the necessary skills to operate under the ACT Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme.

Metal Fabrication - Covers metal fabrication and welding skills that are required for employment within our local and regional industry.

Painting and Decorating - Provides a trade outcome in painting and decorating for residential and commercial construction work.

Personnel and Materials Hoist - Provides you with the skills and knowledge required to be able to perform various high risk tasks necessary for licensing in the construction industry.

Plastering - Provides a trade outcome in solid plastering in the residential and commercial construction industry.

Plumbing - CIT offers plumbing courses tailored for those who are working in the industry and would like to increase their knowledge and develop specialised skills.

Tiling - Provides training in all aspects of tiling including wall and floor, mosaic tiling and water proofing processes.

White Card - All persons must complete WHS Induction and obtain the General Construction Induction (White Card Training) before they are permitted on a building site.

Work Safely at Heights - Work safely on construction sites where activity involves working above 1.5 metres from ground level and where fall protection measures are required.

Dogging, Rigging and Scaffolding - Provides you with the skills and knowledge required to be able to perform dogging, rigging, and scaffolding for licensing in the construction industry.