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Facility Hire Policy

1. Purpose

To define Facility Hire Policy and to identify the principles applied in the hiring of CIT facilities.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all staff, students and external organisations wishing to hire CIT facilities.

The core business of the CIT is teaching and learning. CIT's facilities are to be used primarily for this purpose.

The CIT has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all of its people and visitors, the proper preservation of the community assets it holds, and the protection of its reputation.

This document assists potential Hirers of CIT facilities and the staff processing applications to ensure that the CIT fulfils these responsibilities and that the usage of CIT resources is consistent with the mission and goals of the CIT.

3. Principles

3.1 Potential Hirer's of CIT Facilities

The CIT may hire its facilities to student groups, staff members or groups and outside bodies for various approved purposes.

3.2 Responsibilities and Roles

Hiring of CIT facilities is managed by CIT Corporate Services. The educational delivery centres and other CIT business units will contribute to the approval process when some specialised facilities are sought to be hired. The following outlines the responsibilities of each area.

3.2.1 Corporate Services

CIT Corporate Services is the first point of contact for information and application. CIT Corporate Services coordinates and administers the processes for approval of applications for hiring facilities.

CIT Corporate Services receives and assesses applications for facility hire according to the Principles specified in this document and either approves the application directly or ensures that it is referred to the appropriate College/Division/Business Unit of the Institute for assessment (depending on the type of activity planned by the applicant) before granting approval.

CIT Corporate Services is responsible for approval of:

  • Applications to hire CIT facilities including building and grounds. Buildings include: lecture theatres, classrooms, laboratories, workshops, clinics and halls;
  • Special equipment requests;
  • Setting of appropriate commercial rates for the facility hire and recoverable expenses (including security, building access, inspections, and caretaker costs).

3.2.2 Colleges/Divisions/Business Units

Staff in the Colleges/Divisions / Business Unit will review any Application from a Hirer involving the use of a facility under their control. Staff from the College/Division / Business Unit may monitor the activities of the Hirer for compliance with safe work practices.

3.3 Principles underlying Facility Hire

When hiring CIT facilities the following principles will apply:

3.3.1 Usage:

  • Ensure safe and efficient usage of the CIT Facilities by students, staff and visitors;
  • Protect the physical state and value of the CIT assets;
  • Protect and enhance the CIT's academic, community and commercial reputation and interests; and
  • Minimise disruption to CIT's core activities.

3.3.2 Applications. Applications should encompass one or more of the following:

  • Consistency with the educational purpose of the CIT;
  • Be of benefit to the community and consistent with the strategic goals of community enrichment outlined in the CIT Strategic Plan.
  • Be philanthropic or charitable in purpose (in relation to community activity);
  • Positively promoting the CIT;
  • A positive commercial revenue arising from the hiring of the facility (in favour of the CIT), and
  • Consistency with CIT Policies and Procedures.

3.3.3 Availability of Facilities:

  • No access will be provided to other than the hired facilities.
  • The CIT's facilities may only be used by and for external groups with the prior written approval of CIT Corporate Services.
  • Organisations and individuals within the CIT affiliation shall take precedence over non-CIT applicants in the use of facilities;
  • Any use of CIT facilities must not interfere with any CIT class, activity, event or program.

3.3.4 Facilities will not be hired for activities:

  • that promote the use of alcohol or tobacco or promote the armaments or the sex industries;
  • which, through purpose or association are likely to cause a risk to the safety of members of the CIT community or its property;
  • in which any person who will be involved as organiser, presenter, attendee or attendee is likely cause a risk to the safety
  • which would interrupt the core teaching, learning and research activities of the CIT or otherwise create unwarranted
  • disturbance to student and staff amenity.

3.3.5 Hazardous Activities

  • If the Hirer requires the use of Facility which carries inherent WHS risk or indicates the conduct of an activity which is deemed to be WHS risk to the CIT, the Hirer will be required to provide a comprehensive WHS Risk Management Plan. The Institute reserves the right to refuse hire if it deems the activity is Not Safe.

3.3.6 Fees.

Fees will be charged for both facility hire and recoverable expenses except where waivers are granted by an authorised person.

  • A fee for rental and security for the use of the CIT facility will be charged for all bookings to external Hirers or for CIT staff/students using CIT facilities for non-CIT activities.
  • The hiring fee may be fully or partially waived at the discretion of the authorised person for some not-for-profit community and professional organisations if it is seen to be in the CIT's interests to do so. A request for waivers should be lodged with the application for facility hire. Full payment is required at least one week before commencement of hire or the booking will be cancelled.
  • Additional costs incurred such as cleaning, security or repairs as a result of any booking will be charged to the external Hirer.
  • External Hirers booking CIT facilities are required to complete and sign an "Application to Hire Facilities" Form (which contains the CIT "Terms and Conditions for Use of Facilities"). It protects the CIT's interests and requires the Hirer to safeguard the premises and to indemnify the CIT against any claims arising from the use of facilities.
  • In order to assist in security and safety of persons and property only staff from CIT Corporate Services will provide access for the Hirer. Keys will not be provided to the Hirer unless a long term hire arrangement exists.
  • An undertaking is required from the Hirer to obey any reasonable request of duly authorised CIT Corporate Services staff.
  • CIT reviews its Fees and Charges each year and may make changes to the level of fees and the way they are paid.

3.3.7 Insurance. Evidence of public liability insurance in accordance with the Hire Procedures will be required for all hires.

4. Documentation

  • Planning and Development Act 2007
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011
  • Facility Hire Procedures
  • Application to Hire Facilities Form

5. Definitions

Facility - The CIT asset identified for hire which includes: premises (with the most direct route of access and egress); goods, and services associated with the use of the Facility. It may be identified administratively as a room.

Hirer - The person who has, or intends to hire the CIT Facility and any person using that Facility on behalf of the Hirer.

Not Safe - An unacceptable level of risk because; it does not comply with the law, is not consistent with best industry practice, is not cost effective and people exposed feel uncomfortable.

WHS Risk Management Plan - Documentation of the process used to identify hazards, assess and control risks associated with the proposed use of the CIT Facility. It includes the people supervising the use of plant or other identified risk activity, having demonstrated skills (supported by written documentation) in carrying out the activity.

Authorised Person - In the context of this Policy, an authorised person is either the Chef Executive or Deputy Chief Executive Operations.

6. Policy Contact Officer

Facilities Manager.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email for further information.

7. Procedures