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Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander - Want to tell your Indigenous story? Develop your literacy and numeracy skills for further study. Want a better appreciation and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?

ACT Year 12 - Do you regret not completing your formal schooling? At the CIT Pathways College, you can complete your year 12 certificate, in a supported and flexible environment.

Alcohol and Other Drugs - Designed to prepare the practitioner for agency leadership and policy roles in the areas of counselling, referral, advocacy and education/health promotion services.

Children's Education and Care - Working with children as an early childhood educator is one of the most valuable and rewarding professions a person can choose.

Community Services and Development - Provides you with the skills, techniques and theories in the area of community welfare.

English as a Second Language - Is English your second, third or fourth language? Do you need English language skills for work or study? CIT offers government subsidised affordable English as a second language classes.

Foundation Skills - CIT's Foundation Skills courses provide a relaxed environment for students to improve their literacy, numeracy and basic computing skills.

Mental Health - Gain the skills and knowledge required to work autonomously as a support worker in mental health.

Teacher Education - Do people look to you for information and instruction? Need to enhance your skills and knowledge in training, facilitation and assessment? Want to achieve outstanding results for you and your participants?

Youth Work - Provides you with the skills, techniques and theories in the area of youth work.