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Skills Recognition for industry

Skills Recognition can:

  • Realise your staff potential
  • Reduce the costs of training while increasing employees' skills
  • Acknowledge your employees
  • Identify the skills that your employees have (and don't have)
  • Provide training to employees based on identified gaps in skills and knowledge

What is Skills Recognition for industry?

Skills Recognition is an acknowledgement of the skills employees have learned from work, from life experience, or from any previous training.

Your employees may work within your industry without any formal qualifications. Updating their skills is important, but so is minimising the amount of time they spend away from their work.

Skills Recognition means their skills will be evaluated against industry standards and national qualifications to identify any gaps or required training. Employees won’t have to re-learn the things they already know.

What are the benefits of Skills Recognition?

Having qualified staff is becoming extremely important for the quality assurance of industries accessing global markets. It is also important for the motivation, confidence and morale of staff members themselves.

Skills Recognition can also:

  • Identify the current skills of your staff, as well as any gaps
  • Allow you to train your staff in the most highly targeted way, minimising costs
  • Increase the productivity of your staff
  • Improve the confidence, motivation and morale of your staff
  • Achieve a qualified workforce in a shorter amount of time

What does Skills Recognition cost?

Skills Recognition for work or life experience does attract a fee. This will vary depending on how much recognition employees are seeking and in which area.

If your employees have studied at another Registered Training Organisation (whether they completed their qualification or not) you may not be charged a fee to have this study acknowledged if their studies are no greater than 5 years old. Certified copies of qualifications and transcripts will need to be provided.

What is the process for having my employees' skills recognised?

If you wish to discuss skills recognition or workforce needs analysis, subject specialists can come to your workplace for a free advisory session. Our specialists will analyse and assess current workplace training requirements and customise training options, tailored to your needs.

What do I do next?

Contact CIT Industry Engagement via email to discuss your Skills Recognition options or to arrange a free workforce skills consultation.