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Accredited Courses

CIT delivers accredited courses to industry, enterprise and community partners addressing skill requirements in a responsive and timely manner.  With over 400 nationally recognised accredited courses on scope CIT is ready to assist the up-skilling of your workforce to meet emerging demands of business and industry.

Training can be delivered on site at one of our 4 CIT locations in specialised training facilities or at the workplace. Contact relevant business and industry training areas for further discussions around your accredited workplace resourcing and training needs. For a more tailored approach, contact the Brand and Business Development team.

Human Services - Early Childhood

SPARK West Belconnen/Parkwood Training and Employment Initiative has brought together a unique partnership project in collaboration with the joint venture Land Development Agency and Riverview Developments (with Riverview Projects acting as project manager), Belconnen Community Services (BSC) and CIT Early Childhood. Aimed at servicing future Early Childhood Cert III employment needs within the Belconnen community, this project supports a flexible 'in house' workplace training model. This flexible training approach will allow 15 students to complete a full accredited program essentially as 'interns' under the watchful eye of CIT Professional educator Michelle Armstrong and team and qualified early childhood supervisors of BCS centres.

Targeted sport and fitness courses for industry

CIT is excited to work with sport and fitness organisations and clubs to offer targeted qualifications to grow your staff expertise:

To discuss delivery for your organisation, contact our Business Development Team.

Staff training leads to self-empowerment

CIT Human Resources Aged Care have worked closely in collaboration with executive Age Care community living staff to design a unique accredited professional learning program to support staff self-empowerment. The program design provides a blended learning approach allowing staff to complete assessment tasks and achieve competence while administering to their workplace responsibilities. Resources and study material are provided via the CIT online environment enabling easy access for staff to complete assessments during workshop time, at home or in the workplace. Students have access to specialist ESL support during all face-to-face workshops with additional assistance available via online correspondence and/or email with CIT facilitators throughout the duration of the course.

Creating empowerment for the client, while respecting their social, cultural and spiritual differences

Building on industry feedback, working within industry and staying abreast of current workforce trends CIT have incorporated interactive Student Learning Environments (SLE) within the delivery of a single unit of competency aimed at empowering both the employee service provider (student) and their prospective future clients.

CIT educator and trainers work closely with participants to demonstrate CIT's innovative SLE techniques using the Mask- ED. MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation), a high fidelity simulation technique created by Professor Kerry Reid-Searl at CQ University Australia in 2010. This informed teaching process involves realistic body silicone props including masks, torsos, arms and legs worn over the informed educator to mask them. The hidden educator then transforms into another identity, as a character/person with a history/story that is relevant to the learning experience. Via this three way interplay involving the educator, the character and the learner the character and their history becomes a platform for teaching. The interplay allows the hidden educator to direct the learning process as they create a spontaneous and realistic simulation experience.

This is one of many interactive flexible learning opportunities your organisation may choose from in consultation with CIT's Business Development officers.

Renewable Energy Systems Operations and Asset Management Certificate IV - CWP Renewables

CIT has designed and developed a Renewable Energy Pre-Construction Readiness training to employment model developed from a suite of 'on the ground preparation training' from basic introductory training - WHS through to Cert 2, Cert 3 and Cert 4 pathways. Developed in collaboration with 'the Skills Generator' this unique program aims to train and up-skill workers who wish to begin working on renewable energy projects or perhaps, gain accreditation for promotional opportunities within the industry. After initial mandatory industry WHS training and LLN assessments participants will self-select into the learning pathway opportunity, working closely with CIT staff to develop an Employment Training Pathways Plan. Training plans will offer the opportunity to choose both accredited and no accredited to courses delivered via a tiered learning pathway; from basic entrance level skill courses to mandatory qualifications.

For more information please contact the Business Development Team.

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