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Recruitment (Teaching Only Temporary Engagement) Policy

1. Purpose

To provide a framework to ensure the Institute is able to manage the recruitment of teaching resources required to provide direct teaching only and to ensure that eligible casual teaching staff are provided with an opportunity to elect a more regularised mode of temporary employment.

The conditions of employment relating to Teaching Only Temporary Engagement are as outlined in the ACT Public Service Canberra Institute of Technology (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013.

2. Scope

This policy relates to the engagement of eligible casual teachers to a Teaching Only Temporary category of employment and incorporates the principles set out in the ACT Public Service Canberra Institute of Technology (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013.

This policy applies to all CIT managers and supervisors with delegations in respect to the employment of temporary staff.

3. Principles

3.1 The Teaching Only temporary category of employment is available to eligible casual teaching staff only.

3.2 A Teaching Only temporary category of employment will involve a working contribution equal to 1.5 times the required direct teaching requirements of the department and should incorporate only:

  1. Direct teaching; and
  2. Other duties (related directly to the classes taught).

3.3 Teaching Only teachers will be entitled to all salary and conditions of service consistent with those of a short-term temporary teacher, except that:

  1. Teaching Only teachers have a contract that clearly identifies mandatory unpaid stand down for durations normally associated with non-teaching periods; and
  2. Teaching Only teachers will not be entitled to paid non-attendance.

3.4 Eligible casual teachers will be identified by CIT Human Resources prior to the commencement of each term (December, March, June and September). CIT Human Resources will then advise managers of those teachers eligible to elect to take up a temporary teaching only engagement. The decision to offer further employment to the casual teacher will be as per manager's normal decision making processes.

3.5 An eligible casual teacher who is offered Teaching Only employment may elect to continue in casual employment rather than take up the offer. This choice must be communicated through the Teaching Only or Casual Engagement Election Form. This form must be endorsed by the relevant Head of Department and returned to CIT Human Resources to be processed by the due date provided.

3.6 A Teaching Only temporary term of employment must not exceed 12 months in duration. On shorter-term contracts (of less than 12 months) an extension must not extend the total duration of employment in the Teaching Only category beyond 12 months.

3.7 Subsequent periods of engagement as a Teaching Only temporary teacher will require maintenance of registration on the casual/temp register.

3.8 Casual teachers who are not identified by CIT Human Resources' process but feel they are eligible should contact CIT Human Resources to discuss their options.

3.9 All conditions of employment specifically related to Teaching Only temporary teachers are outlined in the Enterprise Agreement, primarily at Clause 13.

4. Documentation

Authority Source

  1. ACT Public Sector Canberra Institute of Technology (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017
  2. Public Sector Management Act 1994
  3. Public Sector Management Standards

Related Documents

  1. CIT Human Resources Delegations Manual
  2. Teaching Only or Casual Engagement Election Form

Supporting Guide

  1. Teaching Only Temporary Employee Engagement flowchart

5. Definitions

Enterprise Agreement - ACT Public Sector Canberra Institute of Technology (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017 or its successor

Eligible Casual - A casual teacher who has regular and systematic employment over two consecutive semesters and has undertaken 8 hours per week or more of paid teaching activity (refer also the Enterprise Agreement clause 13.5).

Direct Teaching - Please refer Enterprise Agreement (see subclause 20.2).

Other Duties - Please refer Enterprise Agreement (see subclause 20.5).

Working Contribution - In accordance with the Enterprise Agreement (clause 19) means the total performance of the teacher's role.

6. Policy Contact Officer

Manager, CIT Safety and Employment Relations.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email for further information.

Policy No: 2017/465
Approved: January 2015
Next Review: December 2021
Category: Staff Policies, Corporate Policies
Policy Owner: Executive Director, Corporate Services
procedureword Recruitment Teaching Only Temporary Engagement Procedure
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