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John Hunt - Plumbing

John Hunt
John Hunt, Teacher


I ran my own plumbing business for 25 years, until 2005 when I began teaching at CIT. I love teaching - it really is the best job. It's very rewarding, and it’s much easier on my knees.

CIT is a great place to study plumbing. We've got a great team at CIT who are very experienced and knowledgeable.

Our facilities are really up-to-date, so students get real, hands-on experience, and have a really good idea of what life will be like out on the job.

We have a big sandpit where they can dig drains, a gas lab with six little kitchens, and wall frames. It's all set up just as it would be when they turn up at a house for a job, so they get the hands-on experience which gives them the confidence on the job.


  • Certificate III in Plumbing;
  • Certificate III in Roof Plumbing;
  • Certificate II in Drainage.


  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - Canberra Institute of Technology;
  • Certificate III and IV in Plumbing - Canberra Institute of Technology.

Industry experience

I am a licensed plumber, drainer and gasfitter and have run my own business for over 25 years.

I started teaching in 2005, but still retain a plumbing house design business on the side which ensures my skills are up to date, I understand firsthand how the industry is changing, and I don't get stale.

I am also in frequent contact with plumbing businesses large and small throughout the region, as many of them are the employers of my students (apprentices). I am in touch with them both in my role as a teacher, and through my business, so employers know me and trust me to train their apprentices.

I pioneered the use of plastic piping in the ACT, and pushed to get it approved through the ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) - only the second state to approve its use after Queensland. Plastic piping makes a plumber's job much easier as it is quicker and easier to install, and much cheaper as well. Before this time the only state in Australia to use plastic piping over standard copper piping was Queensland. But I believe there are always more effective ways of working – whether it is teaching or plumbing – so I am always looking for ways to innovate.

How I've improved training for students and industry

I am very passionate about making learning easier for students. All the classes I deliver are available to students via our online learning system, eLearn, which means that week by week, students can go online to access the material covered in class to review or catch up on work. It allows me to put all sorts of interactive materials and real life examples up for them to use, as well as quizzes and exams, and the students definitely respond better to this way of learning.

I'm always thinking about new ways of using technology to teach my students - for example I was snapping photos of interesting downpipes while on holiday in Barcelona, and uploading them to give the students a different perspective.