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Riley Patrick-Kobier - Carpentry

I am studying Year 12 and also completing the Certificate III in Carpentry at CIT as an Australian School-based Apprenticeship (ASbA). I am employed by building company Bromley Gumley.

Riley Patrick-Kobier
Riley Patrick-Kobier, Student Carpentry

I always knew I wanted to be a builder - it's something I've been interested in since I was quite young. I started the ASBA last year, halfway through Year 11, and I will finish the first stage halfway through this year.

Studying an ASBA means I study Year 12 at school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I work on-site with Bromley Gumley on Thursdays, and I study in the classroom at CIT on Fridays.

I've never been a very academic student, and I had reached a point where I had lost interest in school and just wanted to get finished as quickly as possible. I also knew that I wanted to be a builder, and I was keen to get a head start on that. But I also wanted to get my Year 12 Certificate in case I change my mind about what I want to do later on.

I was familiar with ASBAs, and really liked the idea of getting started on my apprenticeship while I was still at school, and still completing Year 12. I had been living in Laos with my family for a year, and I decided to come back to Australia so that I could start an ASBA.

Since I started my ASBA, I have not only been receiving good grades at CIT, but my grades have also improved at school. I believe this is because I am enjoying what I'm doing now, and I am more motivated to get my work done. And this really comes down to starting the ASBA.

I enjoy that part of my training includes working on-site - I really like the variety of what I get to do. I love being able to take what I learn in the classroom at CIT and then put it into practice on-site. I believe it's giving me a really solid skills base which will carry me throughout my career.

Once I finish Year 12, I'll continue my apprenticeship full time. I really feel my ASBA will give me an advantage in my career. Not only has it given me a head start, meaning I'll be out in the workforce sooner, but it also shows I have the motivation to get out there and achieve what I want.