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Doris Chan - Return to Work

I had been out of the workforce for some time recovering from breast cancer. I had previously worked in aged care, but decided I wanted a change - and I wanted to improve my job prospects.

Doris Chan
Doris Chan, Graduate Return to Work

In the past I have been absolutely petrified of using technology. I struggled through using a mobile phone, but using a computer was a complete no-go area for me.

A friend of mine had brought CIT's Return to Work for Women course to my attention, so we went along to find out more information and decided to sign up.

The course was go-go-go from day one. We covered everything from numeracy, literacy and computing work, to job preparation, resume writing and interview skills. We even had a lady who came in and gave us suggestions on how to dress for the workplace and how to accessories, and makeup ideas.

My main goal was to become better acquainted and increase my confidence with technology, and find my way around a computer. The more I learned and achieved, the more I felt empowered and just couldn't wait until class.

I completely grabbed the course by the horns. I'd even go in to CIT even on days I didn't have classes because I was so eager to catch up on work and I didn't want to fall behind in class.

In my class we had women from many different backgrounds. It was such a fantastic group and we all got along and encouraged each other. Getting back into the workplace can be such a frightening prospect, so it was good to have everyone supporting each other.

The teachers were excellent and were always so patient and understanding. They were flexible and empathetic, and were available if you needed extra support.

You also get work experience. I was fortunate enough to work at the CIT Reid canteen for four days. I was really in my element, as I've worked in a delicatessen before so I had that prior experience and I love working with people.

Now that I've finished the course, I'd like to go onto more study. It's really given me structure and purpose in my life. And I just really love the environment and the vibe. The teachers have helped me with a few study ideas that will help me to continue to improve my skills.

I just can't speak highly enough of the Return to Work for Women course and I would encourage anyone and everyone to look into it. I know it's a cliché, but if I can do it, then you can do it.

The course has completely opened up my world and has helped in all aspects of my life. I had to get a new phone recently and I got a Smart phone. It's like a mini laptop! But I'm not afraid to use it, and I love it when I find something new on it. The course has completely built both my confidence and self esteem.