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Lori Cicchini - Photography

Lori Cicchini
Lori Cicchini, Graduate Photography

Lori Cicchini is a Fashion, Beauty and Creative Portrait photographer based in Australia.  With an interest in the arts, Lori pursued formal studies in photography, completing a Bachelor in Photography at CIT where she excelled in conceptual vision and styling.

Lori's photography work has been described as "emotive" and "narrative", some of which can be "dark and provoking" yet at the same time "peaceful and beautiful". Her work has been recognised and awarded numerous industry awards as well as being published in fashion magazines both nationally and internationally.

Shann Lawrence Creative, describes Lori's work - "The images float you away on a fantasy, they take you to those places you’ve always wanted to see. They’re serene, still, dreamlike; but just when you settle into their relaxed beauty, you suddenly realise that there is something hiding in each of them that makes you stop and think, so that you wonder whether you should be just a little bit afraid of what lies within. There are mythologies that hide within these photographs, sirens to lure us to a beautiful doom, nestled beneath stunning perfection"

Lori Cicchini