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Jennifer Angelatos - Interior Design

I worked as a graphic designer for more than 20 years, working both for myself and heading up a government design studio.

Jennifer Angelatos
Jennifer Angelatos, Interior Design

As a graphic designer, there's a lot of sitting involved, and I decided I wanted a change. But I still wanted something complementary to my skills and creativity. I always had an interest in interior design, so I looked into courses. I looked both interstate and in Canberra, and really liked the sound of the advanced diploma at CIT. It sounded very practical and hands-on which really appealed to me.

I found going back to study after such a long time difficult at first - there was a big generation gap between me and the other students. But they were all incredibly warm, embracing and inclusive.

The teachers were also really attentive. They gave you real personal attention - they were always good at noticing if there was an area where you needed help, and then encouraging you. It was challenging at times, but I really feel the teachers have equipped us well to now go out into the industry. We also did a work placement as part of our studies which gave us on-the-job experience.

Now that I've finished the advanced diploma I'm going on to University of Canberra to study the bachelor degree. I get two years of credit from the advanced diploma, so I only need to go to uni for one year, which is pretty amazing. I'm really glad I decided to go back to study - I haven't looked back.