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Adelina - Hairdressing

I studied Graphic Design and have had a wonderful career in digital, event and destination marketing for global and local brands, but in 2017 I totally transformed my life and followed my dream – I began studying hairdressing after I turned 47 and haven’t looked back.

Adelina, Certificate III in Hairdressing student

When I was a young girl growing up I always dreamed of becoming a hairdresser. I started working in a salon on weekends and during the holidays when I was a teenager, watching and learning from the hairdressers over the years. I started cutting all of my friends' hair from high school, doing crazy shaved heads with carving designs, highlights using the crochet hook and tip cap and perming for king and country. I was offered a role as an apprentice full-time, but my father insisted I go to university and pursue an academic career, so I did.

In 2016 I searched through the options of studying a Certificate III in Hairdressing around Canberra, and the most relevant and current to the industry was the course offered by CIT. They had great facilities and resources so it was a no-brainer. I studied the Certificate III in Hairdressing as a full-time commercial student (not as an apprentice).

I really felt awkward on my first day, but the teachers and staff made me feel really welcome and encouraged me in my pursuit. A highlight for me is taking a client on a transformation journey and ultimately making them feel and look amazing. One of my memorable moments during the course was of session styling, when you are able to be the creative director, fashion designer, hair stylist and apply some really creative, innovative and avant-garde styling to your model.

I am working in a hair salon, and have clients booked in with me where I cut hair, colour, foil, balayage, blow dry and create glamorous up-styles for weddings and special events. Every client is a learning experience and a new challenge. Gaining the trust of your client is paramount to a successful relationship and return business, so I think the course and my background have been an asset to my employer as they have been able to integrate me quickly into the salon without too much training and lost time.

I look at the challenges and try to figure out a solution for each individual client. I love watching how hair sits with each cut and understanding the mathematics and geometry around cutting. I'm learning with every cut, and being taught some advanced techniques by my mentor which just blows me away.

I love that I was able to pursue my dream; waking up in the morning and knowing that I am a hairdresser and in a privileged position where I can make people feel positive about themselves when they walk out of the salon. A lot of people I speak to think that life does not involve just one career, but a plethora of experiences. And as I said before, it's never too late to learn something new and be re-invigorated in life.