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Zoe Edwards - Beauty Therapy

I initially came to CIT in 2007 while pregnant with my son, where I studied a Certificate I and II in Art. I have always been an artsy person, growing up I was always interested in manga and anime.

Zoe Edwards
Zoe Edwards, Graduate - Beauty Therapy

After completing my certificate II, I took some time off study to look after my son before deciding to return to CIT and study beauty therapy.

I always wanted to accomplish things, but before I came to CIT I had only finished up to year 9.

I feel so much better now that I have something under my belt. I finally feel like, 'I can do this'.

As part of my course, I work at CIT Beauty, CIT’s on-campus beauty clinic which is open to the public for appointments.

Working in the clinic is a lot of fun - you're really put in the hot seat, because you’re working on real clients.

It's a bit intimidating at first because you want to make sure they're happy with the result. But it’s such great experience.

One of the reasons I chose to return to CIT was because of the CIT Yurauna Centre. Their ongoing support has really helped a lot – for everything from study assistance to support with family issues. All of the teachers at the centre have become my friends.

My diploma was compacted to one year, so I will complete my studies in November this year. If I don't end up working in a salon, I would like to go into makeup art or makeup for media.