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National Science Week at CIT

Published: 22 Aug 2022


During National Science Week we went out to see what CIT Science teachers and students are up to, and to ask what drew them to a career in the sciences.

CIT Science Teacher, Laura Henry, said her students were learning about a range of new skills and topics from skin dissections to identifying plant and animal cells, studying parasites and laboratory techniques.

"Students do a practical lesson every day, so for us this is business as usual," Laura said.

For Laura, who has a background as a hospital microbiology scientist, one of the best things about studying science was the vast range of different areas of employment.

"At CIT we are teaching all the basic skills students will need to work in many different jobs, from research to pathology, medicine, forensics, environmental work or even working with schools.

"A career in science can also offer a very flexible working environment, and it is a very high demand profession. As well as this, in science you never stop learning. Things are always changing, and you will never know it all."

This sentiment is shared by one of Laura's students, Ed Pickett.

"Science is such an important field. It is always needed, and it is always going to be needed," Ed said.

"We always have to keep looking and working to make things better, and this makes science an ongoing and changing thing."

Ed took an interest in science while he was studying Year 12 at CIT. He took biology as one of his classes and said his teacher played a big part in fostering his interest in the field. For Ed, his experiences studying science have been very positive.

"Lab work has been really interesting. We have cultured bacterial specimens and taken a closer look at algae and human cardiac muscle through microscopes. It was really mind-blowing to see something like that so clearly."

"Studying at CIT has been great. The teachers are really nice and helpful. You are here to learn, and that is really good. CIT is the best school I have ever been too."

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