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Bridges built up and knocked down in CIT Bridge Challenge

Published: 21 Jun 2019

Following four earlier heats where 56 bridges were tested, the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) Construction and Engineering Bridge Challenge saw 17 finalist teams from 14 local high schools compete in a hands-on competition at CIT Bruce today.

The goal of the Bridge Challenge is for student teams to put their skills to the test to design and construct the strongest bridge possible to support a load and ultimately test the destruction of their bridge in time-trialled heats against rival schools.

CIT CEO Leanne Cover said the challenge gives students a taste of possible career opportunities available in the construction and engineering fields.

"We are always keen to open our doors and encourage local school students to explore CIT at a time when they may be making decisions on a future career path," Ms Cover said.

"There are so many great career opportunities available through vocational education and training and we are proud to offer young people options about their pathways to make informed decisions."

The challenge is open to teams of students currently enrolled in years 9 and 10 or in building and construction Certificate I or II at schools.

School teams must prepare bridge designs that are able to showcase construction, efficiency and strength solely with the materials supplied by CIT.