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Student Conduct Policy

1. Purpose

1.1 This policy replaces the Unsatisfactory Student Behaviour Policy and will provide Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) staff and students with transparent information in relation to CIT management of unsatisfactory student conduct.

1.2 CIT is committed to providing students with a safe, supportive learning environment. Students enrolled in CIT will share classes and facilities with staff and other students. It is expected that all students will behave in a manner that is acceptable to the wider community.

1.3 Unsatisfactory student conduct may include behaviour that is contrary to:

  1. an Australian or Australian Capital Territory law
  2. CIT Student Code of Conduct: including sexual harassment and bullying and discrimination
  3. relevant CIT student policies.

2. Scope

2.1 The Student Conduct Policy applies to all CIT students on CIT premises or engaged in CIT related services/activities including offsite delivery of CIT courses/subjects, approved field trip/excursions or approved vocational placements.

2.2 CIT staff are authorised to act and make decisions when managing unsatisfactory conduct.

3. Principles

3.1 CIT acknowledges that appropriate standards of conduct, by both staff and students, are fundamental to maintaining a supportive, safe, positive, and effective teaching and learning environment.

3.2 The safety and wellbeing of staff, student and visitors to CIT campuses is paramount.

3.3 CIT is committed to:

  1. informing students of expected conduct and appropriate behaviour (as described by the CIT Student Code of Conduct and relevant policies)
  2. implementing fair procedures for managing possible breaches of this Policy and consequences of unsatisfactory student conduct.

3.4 In keeping with the educational focus and operational intent of CIT, actions taken in relation to unacceptable student conduct are intended to be remedial rather than punitive.

3.5 All staff are encouraged to seek advice from CIT Student Support as soon as possible to remediate situations before they escalate.

3.6 CIT students that are deemed to be in breach of this policy may be suspended or expelled from studying and/or attending CIT premises.

3.7 All CIT staff and students have a right to confidentiality and privacy as described by the CIT Privacy Policy.

4. Managing Unsatisfactory Student Conduct

4.1 Unsatisfactory Student Conduct can be classified as:

  1. Minor incident
  2. Repeated or continued minor incidents
  3. Breach of Behaviour Agreement or higher risk incidents
  4. Serious incident.

4.2 Allegations of incidents of unsatisfactory student conduct will be dealt with by the corresponding level of staff at CIT in table below. The CIT Student Conduct Procedures outline actions.

Staff Level Staff Description Potential Actions
1 All CIT staff
  • Verbally warn students whose behaviour does not comply with CIT Student Code of Conduct
  • Ask student to immediately leave activity and/or CIT campus for the interim.
2 Head of Department (HOD)/Manager
  • Establish a Student Behaviour Agreement
  • Hold a meeting with student about the behaviour
  • Make decisions about any students ongoing participation
  • Develop and ask student to sign a Student Behaviour Agreement
3 Director
  • Above actions
  • Suspending student from attending or studying at CIT
  • Make or review decisions from Level 1 and 2
4 Executive/CEO
  • Above actions
  • Permanently expel a student from studying at CIT and/or attending CIT premises
  • Make or review decisions from Level 1, 2 and 3

4.3 CIT will not tolerate threats or violence towards staff, students or visitors to the CIT and/or wilful damage to property. In these circumstances a student will be asked to leave the campus by CIT staff. Dependent on the seriousness of the behaviour, this may also be reported to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

4.4 Where a CIT student's conduct is subject to an investigation by the AFP or another law enforcement agency, proceedings required under that investigation will take precedence to but not necessarily prevent CIT from acting against the student as prescribed by the CIT Student Conduct Policy and Procedure.

5. Student Behaviour Agreement

5.1 Is a tool for managing and modifying unsatisfactory student conduct. CIT can request a student to agree to and sign a Student Behaviour Agreement. This will be done by a HOD/Manager, Director or Executive Director.

5.2 Refusal to sign the Student Behaviour Agreement may result in suspension from study and/or CIT premises until the document is signed, depending on the conduct.

6. Suspension or Expulsion from CIT

6.1 Formal suspension or expulsion from studying or attending CIT premises needs to go through appropriate channels as listed in the CIT Student Conduct Procedures.

6.2 The decision to suspend a student from studying and/or attending CIT premises must be made by a Director or an Executive Director, CIT.

6.3 The decision to permanently expel a student from studying and/or attending CIT premises must be made by an Executive Director or the CEO.

6.4 As outlined in paragraph 4.1, if a student is demonstrating unsatisfactory conduct, any CIT staff may ask a student to leave the CIT premises immediately and temporarily if appropriate.

7. Review of decisions

7.1 Any student at CIT can have the manner in which their case has been dealt with reviewed by submitting a complaint to the Executive Director, Corporate Services through the CIT Student Complaint Procedure.

7.2 Suspension - a review of the decision to suspend a student from CIT should be conducted by an Executive Director, CIT not involved in previous decisions on this case.

7.3 Expulsion - a review of the decision to expel a student from CIT will be conducted by the Chief Executive, CIT or delegate.

8. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Definitions of Terms.

9. Policy Contact Officer

Manager - Student Support, CIT on 6207 4914 or by email at

10. Procedures

This policy is implemented through the Student Conduct Procedures. The Executive Director, Corporate Services has the authority to make changes as the Policy Owner.

11. Documentation

Information Privacy Act 2014

Student Code of Conduct

Responsibilities in the Learning Environment

Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Policy

Privacy Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Arrangements policy

Educational Delegations (CIT staff only)