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Induction of Staff Policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that employees who are new to Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) are inducted through a structured program that introduces them to the CIT operational environment, including the people, the structure and the systems and processes that make up CIT.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all new CIT employees and their managers including casual employees (both general and teaching classifications).

3. Principles

3.1 CIT values its employees and the contributions they make to CIT within their roles. The CIT staff induction program provides an effective process that ensures new employees are able to familiarise themselves with the structure and general expectations of employment within CIT.

3.2 It is a requirement that all new employees undertake all components of the CIT staff induction program, including the annual Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Working Together at CIT (WT@CIT) training components.

3.3 Managers must ensure that new employees commence the CIT Online Staff Induction program on eLearn during the first week of their employment and complete all three phases of the program within 3 months of commencement.

3.4 Managers are vital to the induction process and must be involved, even if responsibility for the induction of new staff has been delegated to another team member (a buddy).

3.5 The CIT employee induction program, together with the guidance of their manager, will provide new employees with:

  • CIT’s vision, mission, values, cultural traits, structure and roles;
  • practical and professional support;
  • a clear understanding of their role within CIT and the roles of their colleagues;
  • an outline of their working conditions, rights and responsibilities;
  • an outline of Registered Training Organisation (RTO) compliance;
  • an understanding of mutual obligations for creating and maintaining a healthy and productive working environment;
  • an outline of the policy, procedures and operational requirements of their specific Department;
  • encouragement to take responsibility for their own professional development; and
  • the opportunity to develop effective working relationships and professional networks.

4. Documentation

5. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Definitions of Terms.

6. Policy Contact Officer

Manager Workplace Culture & Recruitment.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email for further information.

7. Procedures

This policy is implemented through the associated procedures. Authority to make changes to the procedures rests with the policy owner.