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CIT student wins ACT nursing award

Published: 24 May 2022


The Canberra Institute of Technology would like to congratulate nursing student Rei Edge for winning the Nursing Student Recognition Award at the recent ACT Nurses and Midwives 2022 Excellence awards.

These awards recognise the achievement and dedication of nurses across all areas of the ACT health system, and Rei has demonstrated all the qualities of an extraordinary student from the beginning of her training.

CIT Nursing program co-ordinator, Lisa Burling, said Rei not only demonstrated a high level of commitment to her studies, she has also used her skills in the wider community.

"Rei recently administered first aid to a member of the public. She remained calm in an unpleasant situation and provided reassurance to the injured person," Lisa said.

Rei was studying in the CIT library when she noticed a man was injured and bleeding. She was the first person on scene to respond to the incident and help, before a CIT First Aid Officer arrived to assist.

“I did a full pain assessment and started to look at the wound. I bandaged his knee and hand. It is always a bit nerve wracking treating someone, but you forget everyone around you and stay focused on the person you are helping. In the end he was fine and the wounds were superficial,” Rei said.

The CIT First Aid Officer who helped Rei treat the man praised the work she had done.

"Rei is to be congratulated on her composure in treating a patient in a public place with a number of on-lookers. She had developed a good, trusting rapport and communication with the patient, had donned gloves and was about to start dressing his wounds when I arrived," the officer said.

Rei actually started her journey into nursing over 20 years ago, when she undertook a nursing course in the UK. After that she worked as a beauty therapist for many years, before she moved to Canberra two years ago and decided on a career change.

"I thought I would give nursing another go. It has always been my passion." Rei said.

"As a mature student, I thought it would be challenging. The teachers at CIT have been amazing. They are motivated, dedicated and committed. The course was great."

For more information about nursing at CIT visit the website.