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Fee Assistance

General Scholarships

CIT provides financial assistance towards course costs for CIT students experiencing financial hardship through the Fee Assistance program.

Financial assistance is by way of direct payment of fees and credit at CITSA Bookshops.

Value: Fee Assistance provides up to 65% to a maximum limit of $750 per student in one semester for eligible costs.

Number Available: Many - Available throughout each semester until funding runs out

  1. Be enrolled in a program/course/subject AND have a Citizenship status eligible for assistance.
  2. Have outstanding course fees AND/OR required course materials available only through CITSA Bookshop
  3. Have a gross income less than or equal to the income threshold relating to your circumstances or demonstrate exceptional circumstances, if over the income threshold
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to studies by being prepared to contribute at least 35% of the cost of your course and have satisfactory results
  5. Pay a $20.00 contribution towards your fees before applying (required only once per semester).

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