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Financial assistance

Fee assistance

Applications OPEN.

The Fee Assistance program provides financial assistance for eligible CIT students experiencing financial hardship.

Support types

Fee Assistance can provide financial assistances towards:

  • student fees, recognition fees and uniform fees generated through Banner (CIT's student enrolment system). Granted fees are paid by CIT staff directly off student’s account before being advised of the result.
  • AND/OR

  • required course materials available only through CITSA Bookshops. Granted amounts are by way of a credit at CITSA Bookshops. Credits are valid for approximately one (1) month.

Support limits

Approved funding is for up to 65% of outstanding invoices (after the initial $20.00 payment) and/or required course materials. Though multiple applications in the same semester are accepted the maximum amount of support $750.00 per student.

*Amounts of support varies depending on amounts requested and the funding available at the time an application is received.

How to apply

  1. Check your eligibility to apply by clicking on the blue button "Fee Assistance Eligibility Checker" below.
  2. If you are eligible, you will be provided information on submitting your online Fee Assistance application both on-screen and emailed to the address provided in the Fee Assistance Eligibility Checker form.
  3. Follow the advice provided and submit your application ensuring all required documents are attached.
  4. While waiting for a result of your Fee Assistance application you should begin to make payments on your invoice/s. Note, do not pay more than 35% of your costs as we do not provide reimbursements or refunds.
  5. We aim to email a result of the application within 14 business days.  However at times of high demand this timeframe may be longer.

Whether your application has been successful or not, you will be given one (1) week to pay your outstanding fees or organise a payment plan, if eligible.

Information and assistance links

Fee Assistance Eligibility Checker

Other financial options

For information about other financial options which may be available to you visit the CIT website Course Fees and Assistance page.

Fee Assistance also assists with funding for eligible CIT students with a one-off payment towards the cost of a CIT Student Association (CITSA) sourced low-cost laptop or desktop computer. Contact CITSA on 6207 3600 or for further details.