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Financial Assistance

ACT Government Fee Assistance (Fee Assistance)

Applications open

Semester 2, 2017

The ACT Government provides CIT with additional funding for the ACT Government Fee Assistance (Fee Assistance) program. This program provides financial assistance for eligible CIT students experiencing financial hardship in gaining a qualification for employment.

Fee Assistance can provide up to 75% of outstanding invoices and/or required course materials to a maximum support limit of $700 per student in one (1) semester.
*The amount of support varies depending on amounts requested and the funding available at the time you apply.

To apply you are required to complete an online application form and supply supporting documents, once you have paid the Services and Amenities fee amount on your invoice.

To assist in successfully submitting a complete application each time you apply, follow the advice within the Fee Assistance application checklist link below.

More information on the Fee Assistance process, eligibility and required documents.

Other financial options

For information about other financial options which may be available to you visit the CIT Fees website page.