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Indigenous Scholarships

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Enrolled Nursing Scholarships


The value of each scholarship will be dependent upon the fees associated with the course of study, administration costs, and the purchase of the recommended textbooks.

Number Available: 2 per year, February and July each year

Eligibility Criteria:

  • candidates will have been offered a place in the Diploma of Nursing at the CIT and accepted enrolment
  • confirmation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity
  • submission of a completed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Enrolled Nursing Scholarship Application form.

Indigenous Scholarships

Value: Fee waiver of course and/or recognition fees only (CIT Commercial (full fee) or CIT Solutions courses are not eligible).

Number Available: Many

You must:

  1. Provide a Confirmation of Aboriginality and/or Torres Strait Islander decent form that contains a Common Seal stamp Provide proof of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander*
  2. You will be enrolled into the Study Support Units of Competencies, giving you access to tutorial assistance. You MUST attend and participate in a minimum of two of these classes.
  3. Be able to demonstrate commitment to study at CIT*
  4. Book and attend a Scholarship Interview if requested at CIT Yurauna

* A Confirmation of Aboriginality and/or Torres Strait Islander decent form MUST contain: the Common Seal from an Indigenous Organisation, the meeting resolution number and the signature of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Approving Officer or Board Member.

If you have any difficulties obtaining a proof of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Decent form, please do not hesitate to contact CIT Yurauna for advice.

Students need to re-apply each semester. If re-applying, you must provide evidence of satisfactory academic performance.

Link for further information and application form: