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Staff Studying at CIT Policy

1. Purpose

To ensure that staff studying at CIT or considering studying at CIT are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all CIT staff undertaking study in any CIT program.

3. Principles

3.1 CIT staff may access programs of study, including profile-funded places, in the same way as other students.

3.2 CIT staff cannot enrol in a program or subject within their own Department of employment.  It is recommended they enrol with an external provider.

3.3 CIT staff cannot enrol in a program or subject within their College or any College if they have access to assessment tools.

3.4 Where CIT staff apply for Skills Recognition in a subject within their Department or College, the following will apply:

  1. The CIT Skills Recognition Leader, CIT Education Services, or a teaching staff member appointed by the Director, Education Services, will be involved in the design and implementation of the Skills Recognition assessment process and tools.  This is to ensure authenticity and transparency through the use of different assessment tools other than those used for students.
  2. Where an application for recognition of prior learning is greater than 50 % of the program the assessment evidence must be reviewed by an independent industry representative who is not currently employed at CIT.  The representative will be asked to confirm that the evidence meets industry expectations.
  3. The program owner (may be College Director or Division Executive) will approve the recognition decision.
  4. All evidence submitted by the applicant and collected during the assessment process will be filed by CIT Student Services.

3.5 Teachers may use their Teacher Professional Development funds to pay the student fee when the course is identified in the Setting My Directions process.

3.6 General staff may seek payment of the student fee through College/Division funds when the course is identified in the Setting My Directions process.

3.7 Profile-funded training places at CIT can be accessed for staff professional development either for direct enrolment or via Skills Recognition if the training is agreed to during the Setting My Directions process and one of the following conditions applies:

  1. The individual is a CIT teacher enrolled in an approved teacher education qualification as described in the current Enterprise Agreement.
  2. The individual enrols in a program which is required for the execution of existing duties and their role could not be completed effectively without it. The manager may approve payment of the student fee from CIT funds.
  3. The individual enrols in a program to prepare for a move into another area at CIT and/or to increase their promotional opportunities. The manager may approve payment of the student fee from CIT funds.
  4. The individual enrols in an approved professional development opportunity targeted at CIT staff.  The College Director must approve the program and may elect to waive the student fee.
  5. The individual is seeking formal recognition for a qualification or a subject in which they teach. The College Director may approve payment of the student fee from college funds.

3.8 Agreement and approval for appropriate leave arrangements must be applied for prior to commencing the course of study when the classes are during working hours.

3.9 CIT College Directors, Heads of Department and other managers cannot be assessed (either in class or through recognition) by teaching staff within their own College.

4. Documentation

CIT policies available on the website

5. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Policy Glossary.

6. Policy Contact Officer

For more information about this policy contact Director, Education Services.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email

7. Procedures

This policy is implemented through the associated procedures. Authority to make changes to the procedures rests with the policy owner.