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Request for access to CIT Reid student carpark

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Conditions of entry listed below:

  • I acknowledge I meet the eligibility requirements as listed on the CIT website
  • I have attached a copy of my Centrelink Health Care Card
  • I will only access the carpark while I am studying at CIT Reid
  • I will only park in the signposted designated parking spaces
  • I understand my access will be cancelled if I park illegally within the carpark or adjoining areas
  • I understand my carpark access is only valid for this semester
  • I understand my carpark access will be removed at the end of this semester
  • I understand it will take two business days from the time of submission for my access to be granted
  • Entry and use of the carpark is subject to parking conditions displayed at the carpark entrance, throughout the carpark
  • I understand I must pay the $41.00 fee prior to access being granted.
Conditions of entry acceptance*

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