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Callum Young - Cabinet Making

I didn't know what I wanted to do when I finished school, but I topped my woodwork classes at school, and I was really interested in the area.

Callum Young
Callum Young, Graduate Cabinet Making

While I was in Year 12, I did work experience in cabinet making, with about six weeks of work experience throughout the year. I did a range of jobs like building cupboards and drill boxes and installing kitchens.

Then when I then finished school, I was offered an apprenticeship in cabinet making which I started in mid-January.

I do one day per week at CIT, and then the rest of the week in the workplace. Overall the apprenticeship will take me four years to complete.

I'm really enjoying the apprenticeship. I like taking the skills I learn in the classroom at CIT and putting them into practice in the workplace.

I was also awarded the 2011 Australian Vocational Student Prize from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the vocational work I did during Year 12.

I think doing vocational work experience while still at school is a great way to try things out before you decide what you want to do. Given that this is my first job, I wasn't really too sure what I was getting myself in to, and it's a big change from school. But my work experience set me on the right path, and I've found the apprenticeship a great way to make the transition into the workforce.