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Yvonne Van Der Meer - Forensics

I have been at CIT for nine years and in the forensics area for five.

Yvonne Van Der Meer
Yvonne Van Der Meer, Forensics

I am the administration assistant for distance education, so I am responsible for things like enrolments, processing Skills Recognition applications and sponsorship arrangements. As I am in distance education, I offer administrative support to police officers and fire investigators all over Australia, as well as in New Zealand and further abroad. I am the first point of contact for the numerous police and fire training units that participate in our forensics courses, and I love the interaction with these clients.

If our distance education students have any questions or experience any problems with the online learning system (eLearn) or they have questions about their exam results, they know they can ring me and I can usually sort things out for them. On the odd occasion that I can't, I put them in touch with someone who can. I love the work I do as I am busy all the time, and I work with an awesome team.