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Russell Stuart - Forensics

I am a retired police officer with 22 years of experience where I worked across many areas of policing, specialising in fingerprint examination, classification and analysis.

Russell Stuart
Russell Stuart, Forensics

I was awarded 'expert' status by the National Fingerprint Accreditation Board after more than five years of training, study and practical experience. I later became an assessor on this same panel, determining the suitability of upcoming fingerprint technicians.

I have delivered customised training to government and defence organisations all over the world through the National Centre of Forensic Studies (NCFS), including fingerprint identification workshops with the Iraqi Police Force and in Papua New Guinea, and regular training validation to the Abu Dhabi Police Force.

I also coordinate the delivery of the Certificate IV in Crime Scene Investigation to the Australian Defence Force, in collaboration with the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service.

At CIT I teach fingerprint science, the collection of biological material, principles of forensic science and investigation and principles of crime scene investigation.

Being able to share my experiences in a teaching environment at CIT has been incredibly rewarding; it is great to be able to help students achieve their career goals and to help them along the path to a very fulfilling career, just as I have enjoyed.