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Isaacs Arthur - Forensics

As a boy growing up, I was always thrilled about science and throughout my studies I developed a strong interest in chemical reactions. I simply enjoyed doing things 'in the test tube' which has been my drive for teaching and research work.

Isaacs Arthur
Isaacs Arthur, Teacher

I have had the opportunity to do a lot of studies and research work. I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours, a Master of Philosophy Part 1 in Analytical Chemistry (University of Cape-Coast, Ghana) and a Master of Science in Chemistry with Research in Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry (Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany). Prior to joining CIT, I was fortunate to be part of the first group admitted into the CSIRO/ANU joint research program on enzyme engineering where I was successfully awarded a PHD in Chemistry (Australian National University). I also have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (CIT) and am currently completing the Advanced Diploma of Adult Vocational Education and Diploma of Management at CIT.

Throughout my career I have developed skills in different facets of science. I have also taught students across different levels of qualification. I have worked as a teacher and research assistant in different countries. My previous jobs included teaching and research work at the Department of Chemistry (University of Cape-Coast) and work with the Microbial Communication Team at the German Research Centre for Biotechnology (now Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig).

I have been a lecturer in the forensic science department at CIT for two years now. I teach biochemistry, molecular biology techniques, and supervise the final year forensic research project. I enjoy imparting knowledge as well as staying close to where the action is - research. I also liaise with our industry partners such as Australian Federal Police and Forensic Research NSW in conducting as well as designing research opportunities for our final year project students.

What I like in my current position is the ability to balance my teaching life with research and the application of such scientific findings in forensic science to solve many crimes in our community. The dynamic face of our world today means a forensic scientist must be well-equipped to decipher complex criminal scenes, and research plays an important role in this.  My philosophy is 'everyone has the capacity to learn regardless of the platform provided'. I think CIT provides an array of opportunities and flexibility for anyone who is interested in forensic science.

Research work can be very challenging for students. As the academic supervisor for the forensic research projects, it's always exciting to see my students come into the course and leave at the end of it all highly fulfilled, well-equipped and ready for the real world of forensic science.

Every forensic science case is different. I believe a good forensic scientist is one that has the capacity to think on their feet. A forensic qualification from CIT means you have the technical know-how and the ability to apply skills learnt to any situation you will face on the job. Simply put, joining the family of forensic science at CIT means you will leave very ready for the job at hand.