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Chris Tracy - Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Claire Graydon
Chris Tracy, Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Working at a ski mountain in Northern California I gained many years of experience in forestry and delivering land resource management projects. After moving to Australia and leaving the ski industry, I wanted to start shaping a new career path. I immediately felt the course aligned well with my skills and work experience and would contain subject matter I understood and was interested in.

The thing I enjoyed most about completing the Certificate IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology was the deep sense of satisfaction I felt after completing an assignment to a high standard. I particularly enjoyed writing essays and reports. I think I was always surprised at how much room there was to express myself creatively when compiling the data and information.

Additionally, the guest speakers and excursions the lecturers scheduled in the timetable contributed immensely to the course's relevance. I know the educators worked very hard in coordinating these events and I believe it was worth it. I especially enjoyed the lectures given by the Aboriginal Heritage Council members and visiting the waste management facilities in Hume and the Lower Molonglo water treatment facility.

I am truly "over the moon" about the acquisition of my current role as a Field Service Officer for Parks Victoria at Mt. Buffalo National Park. Natural resource management jobs suited to your specific skill set can be hard to come by and are often accompanied by a competitive recruitment process. I am confident I would not have been considered for most of the interviews I was offered without my certificate IV. And there were many. Which was great in providing me the experience necessary to prepare for the interview of the position I hold currently.

I love that I mostly work outdoors and often with an amazing view and backdrop! I also love that I work in protecting something I value.