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Ana Maria Londono Botero - Environmental Monitoring and Technology

Ana Maria Londono Botero
Namadgi National Park Fieldtrip

I completed a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering in my home country, Colombia, in 2016. Ever since then then I wanted to be able to get more fieldwork experience in the environmental area. I started doing my research on internet and I read about Canberra, known as the "bush capital" which I thought it was interesting. I looked for courses in Canberra and found the Certificate IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology. I had a feeling it was what I was looking for!

One of the highlights for me is the teacher Hannah, her methodologies are great and the fieldtrips were awesome. One of the most memorable moments of the course was our last fieldtrip, which was to Namadgi National Park.  I am never going to forget when we were hiking and it started snowing on the way up, this was in the middle of November. I had an enjoyable time with my classmates and the teacher.

I am proud of having finished the Certificate IV at CIT. With all the challenges that one lives being an international student, I am proud of my performance in each of my classes.  I gave my best in each project and the teachers always acknowledged my effort.  I have now enrolled in a Master of Environmental Science at ANU. My studies at CIT helped me to clarify what I would like do with my Masters and gave me the knowledge and fieldwork experience to be able to perform as an environmental impact assessor or environmental consultant.

I would recommend CIT to others as an education pathway because CIT offers more practical education, which allow people to decide what they really want to do for a living and if they are on the right track. The teachers are incredibly helpful and the institution itself has plenty of laboratories and gear to undertake lab or field practices.