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Sowmya Gundanna - Cyber Security

Sowmya Gundanna
Sowmya Gundanna, Student Cyber Security

Sowmya Gundanna, was born in Bangalore, India where she completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering and Management. Sowmya worked in the ICT industry for nine years in a testing role before commencing her studies at CIT.

Completing a Certificate IV in Cyber Security was a valuable extension to Sowmya's existing ICT background. As Sowmya investigated study options, she found that CIT was the only institute in Canberra offering a Certificate IV in Cyber Security with an internship and study tour program at an affordable price.

Sowmya enrolled in CIT's Certificate IV in Cyber Security course in July 2018. With an extensive background in testing, Sowmya was seeking to upskill to penetration testing. In Sowmya words, "The cyber sector industry is a growing and fascinating field. As I investigated the details of penetration testing skills and opportunities, I learnt more about the wide range of cyber security skills and the significant shortfall the workforce is currently experiencing in finding appropriately trained people."

During the course Sowmya participated in the first cyber security virtual internship program conducted through the CIT (CWA & IQ4) which gave her further exposure to the cyber security world and helped secure her first job at a cyber-security company.

Currently employed by the FifthDomain, a Canberra based security start-up, Sowmya credits the subjects at CIT which provided her with the new skills required for her role at FifthDomain.

Sowmya explains that the Certificate IV in Cyber Security increased her understanding of data privacy, confidentiality and integrity as well as the risks of data theft and lack of risk management.

When asked if Sowmya would recommend CIT to others as an education pathway, this was her response "I thoroughly enjoyed the Certificate IV in Cyber Security at the CIT. I speak positively about the course with other students, colleagues, and friends. My enthusiasm to learn more cyber operations has influenced my husband to consider diversifying his own ICT skills. He is now enrolled in the Certificate IV - Cyber Security course in CIT and waiting to start in this semester! "