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Craig Gavin - Building and Construction

The opportunity for exposure within the industry has been awesome

Craig Gavin
Craig Gavin, Student, Building and Construction

I am General Manager of a local facilities management and remedial construction company and I am currently studying a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) and Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) at CIT.

My professional career has always travelled along programme and project delivery, although not as tangible as buildings. My grandfather was a local brickie for over 50 years, so you could say that the industry was always beckoning. I moved from government project delivery to major defect remediation in the Canberra high density dwelling sector and decided I wanted to make a change in the industry.

I contacted the Head of Building, Tony Cowlishaw, and went through my options. I was really drawn to the diploma, it sounded comprehensive, practical and would equip me with knowledge I needed to become an industry professional.

Being a mature age student, I was apprehensive at first about returning to the classroom. My first lesson liberated me of this fear. The teachers were great, assisting with learning styles and driving outcomes. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn't a walk in the park, they challenged me making sure I was picking up the knowledge and confidence to thrive in industry.

I think one of the greatest things about studying at CIT has been the comradery and support from my fellow students. It has forged some friendships and new connections within the industry that I have drawn on already. The opportunity for exposure within the industry has been awesome too. Being introduced to some top tier professional organisations has been a great drawcard in getting my name out.

Although there have been many great projects during my time at CIT, a great standout was the opportunity for international travel, visiting some widely known building and construction marvels in Singapore. We met with some real innovators within the construction space there, met with government agencies and picked up some great inspirations about ethical and sustainable building practices. It was also of great value that we had the Head of Department as our tour guide!

After I graduate with my diplomas, I would like to drive forward, use my credited time as a pathway to university and complete a Bachelor of Building and Construction Management. With the exposure, knowledge, and skills from my time at CIT I feel confident enough to keep pushing through mature age study. Longer term, as Canberra is still a young growing city, I would love to make an impact on the industry, driving change and innovation through the residential construction sector.