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Kelly Christensen - Massage

Kelly loves interacting with people and giving them the ability to achieve something that they can be proud of.

Kelly Christensen
Kelly Christensen, Massage

Kelly grew up on a small farm in Hall, ACT where she rode motorbikes and horses, and spent loads of times doing things she probably shouldn't! When she met her now husband, they started competing in wakeboarding (form of water skiing). She eventually made it on to the Australian team and competed in Florida, USA and also the X-Games. This allowed her to travel and that's when the travel bug kicked in. She is very passionate about seeing the world, taking in the culture and always learning something new, which she now shares with her students.

Working with children was something Kelly always wanted to do and she did for 15 years. Her relationship with CIT began when she started a children's education course at 24 years old. After having children of her own, she knew she was ready to move on. Knowing she was a good talker and great with people, Kelly decided after completing her my Advanced Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy, that she would love to come back and teach at CIT. She studied a little more and gained her Diploma in Vocational Education and Training in 2019"It feels really good to achieve these things even though I'm a little older!".

Kelly has been teaching at CIT for over 6 years across massage, allied health, fitness and nursing as well as organising the CIT Fit and Well massage clinic for some time. Her diverse background in health and education is invaluable to the students she teaches as it provides them a perspective from various health specialisations. Kelly loves interacting with people and giving them the ability to achieve something that they can be proud of.

"The business of CIT is students, it's my duty to not only CIT but the community, to give our customers the best experience possible to create positive outcomes!"

Kelly worked hard to get her qualification and if she can give just a little bit of inspiration, guidance and support in an environment that she has experienced herself, then her job is done.

What does a massage qualification from CIT offer students?

"A qualification of any type from CIT gives students a sense of pride and achievement! I can remember vividly getting that piece of paper in my hand with my name and qualification written underneath it. I looked at that nearly every day for 6 months!"