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Jimmy Barker - Massage

Jimmy's passion for leading an active lifestyle and understanding how the body moves and works is what led him to a career as a massage teacher at CIT.

Jimmy Barker
Jimmy Barker, Massage

From an early age Jimmy started running, where he grew up in Sydney, then moving to Canberra to run with a training group from the Australian Institute of Sport. As Jimmy moved to Canberra, he transferred his remedial massage studies to CIT.

After completing his remedial massage studies at CIT, Jimmy went on to work in industry. He started at a busy clinic, where he is still involved to this day. Jimmy said "Back then there were 4 of us – now there are close to 40 employees across a range of disciplines."

In 2009 Jimmy started casual teaching at CIT and progressively increased to a full-time load. He enjoys teaching and working today as much as he did when he started - "the environments are changing but the outcome is the same!". He then rounded out his study with a degree in exercise science as a mature student. This allows him to teach classes with a broad knowledge of practical application with experience to back it up.

Jimmy loves teaching people what the industry has to offer, and loves being able to pass on some of the things he was lucky to learn. He had some great teachers at CIT and he is passionate about continuing that tradition in providing quality practical education.

What does a massage qualification from CIT offer students?

"The remedial massage course teaches many things not just a qualification to hands on treatment. The student learns valuable one on one communication skills, excellent tactile skills and good assessment techniques to carry out an effective treatment which includes treating soft tissue pain and dysfunction. This can be a stand alone qualification or can be used with other skill sets to create a unique business opportunity."