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Conor Robinson - Massage

Conor is highly passionate about educating students at CIT, as well as his clients in industry.

Conor Robinson
Conor Robinson, Massage

Conor was born and raised in Canberra with a natural inclination to help people and to guide and assist them on their journey. As such, teaching was always a natural fit for Conor.

With 20 years of martial arts training, Conor also developed a good knowledge and interest in how the body works and moves. He has been a remedial massage therapist for over a decade and originally studied the Advanced Diploma of Soft Tissue Therapy at CIT. He has worked in various clinics in Canberra but spent most of his time at a clinic that specialised in the general public - aches and pains, weekend warriors and elements from most specialised massage areas - sports, athletes, oncology, pregnancy, lymphatic drainage and many others.

Conor's style is a mix of strong relaxation techniques coupled with targeted remedial massage. He is highly passionate about educating his clients in all elements of the massage and their presenting condition. His area of expertise, massage, is a very rewarding career where you can help someone overcome obstacles that affect their day to day life. Conor's teaching bleeds across into his massage treatments, where he is always keen to help a client understand an injury and treatment regime.

Having worked at CIT for 8 years, Conor's dedication to teaching and learning is shown by his continual professional development in holding a Diploma of VET training and working towards the Diploma of Training, Design and Development. Conor loves imparting his knowledge to others and watching them grow and learn in what is a very demanding and complex industry.

"The spark in a students' eye when they understand a concept drives me as a teacher and a mentor."

What does a massage qualification from CIT offer students?

"A massage qualification from CIT gives students a strong foothold to start their career as a massage therapist. You will learn all the primary massage techniques as well as assessment techniques to start looking objectively at an injury or issue to be able to tailor a treatment to not only 'rub the sore spot' but also to address the potential causes. The diploma will also give you a good taste of many styles of massage and potential target markets, allowing you to easily tailor and choose further training."