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Bodine Ledden - Massage Therapy

I have always been really interested in human anatomy, and how the body works. When I didn't get the marks I needed to study physiotherapy at uni, I decided to go to CIT.

Bodine Ledden
Bodine Ledden, Graduate Massage Therapy

I really liked the choice of courses available, and the pathways it offered into uni. I started in the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice, which I really enjoyed, before going on to complete the Diploma of Remedial Massage.

During my study I gained practical experience at CIT's student massage clinic, which really improved my confidence. I don't think you could walk out of a course without that hands-on experience - you'd go out into the real world without knowing what to do.

I also really found the teachers at CIT have such an in-depth knowledge and they have such great experience in the field.

My study at CIT has opened up a range of opportunities, such as the Soft Tissue Work placement Program at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The placement is only offered to four people Australia-wide, with two places guaranteed to CIT students, and I was lucky enough to be selected. I did a range of tutorials during the two weeks and was treating elite athletes. It was exciting as obviously you want to have some sort of effect on the athletes' performance and get them into the best shape they can be leading up to the Olympics.

Following this, Vince Cosentini at the AIS saw I got along well with the boxers and he was confident in my treatment and asked if I could help out with the boxing team leading up to the Oceania Titles. I now help out there once a week, and have found the experience has been great for my development.

Now I've finished the diploma, I'm completing the Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences (Soft-tissue Therapy). I'm really enjoying doing soft tissue, and while going to uni is always an option down the track, it's not something I really have to do to have the career I want.

In the future, I would love to be working with elite sporting teams. From my studies at CIT and the experiences it has exposed me to, I have a clear direction for my future and I know exactly where I want to be and how I will get there.