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Gaye Furey - Child Protection

I have been a high school teacher for 12 years. I had plans to do further tertiary study in education, but was interested in child protection.

Gaye Furey
Gaye Furey, Graduate Child Protection

I lived in Perth but got a scholarship from the CIT Yurauna Centre to come to CIT. I enrolled in the Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention (Child Protection) at CIT, which I will complete this year.

The course is great. The community development aspect has really helped reinforce my teaching, and the teachers were also very knowledgeable and entertaining.

Because I had worked in the industry beforehand, I got Recognised Prior Learning for some of my subjects. This cut down my study time and meant to I didn't have to repeat things I had done before. I am still working full time as a teacher, and I find I'm able to easily balance both work and study.

In the future I hope to go on to study the Masters of Education at university, and plan to incorporate my study from CIT into the research sector of the degree. I still really enjoy teaching, but would like to do more in welfare in the education system in the future.