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Anna Kapantais - Learning Support

I was a teacher's assistant working at a primary school, when I decided I wanted to study education support.

Anna Kapantais
Anna Kapantais, Graduate Learning Support

Even though I was already working in the environment, I really wanted to learn some new things, brush up on my skills, and learn new ways of doing things.

A few people at work had completed the Certificate IV in Education Support at CIT and recommended it, so I enrolled.

I really enjoyed the course. The teachers were fantastic - all of the information they taught I could use and directly relate back to the workforce.

I studied part-time while I continued to work full-time. Some of the subjects I was able to do online using eLearn, so I didn’t even have to go in to the campus which was great. I really liked the flexibility of it all.

As I was already working in the area, my previous experience was recognised and I got credit for some of my study which saved me time.

I’m now doing the Certificate III in Children's Services, which will give me more options with where I work. Wherever I want to go, having the certificates should now give me the edge for roles in the future.