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Anita Joseph Louis - Return to Work

I would highly recommend this course for any woman who has been away from work for a long time, who has all the capabilities to re-join the work force but in great need for the right inspiration support and gradual preparation to get in to the workforce.

Anita Joseph Louis
Anita Joseph Louis, Graduate Return to Work

I am a migrant from India. I studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and Bachelor Degree in Mathematics and Statistics in India.

I have been away from work for last 7 years as I have been a stay at home mother looking after my young kids.

I found out about the Return to Work for Women course through a friend who came to the playgroup I went to.

The course suited my requirements as I wanted to get back to the workforce.

The work experience co-ordinated through the course served as a window to see the workplace and have a glimpse of the opportunities in the market.

I cherished the camaraderie of my classmates in whom I saw great friendship.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of the teachers in facilitating in grooming my work preparation skills. It was very well thought of and well-rounded approach.

I did my work experience in HR at the ACT Government, Department of Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development. I chose to do this as it is my background education and previous work experience.

I am now applying for jobs through job portals and also thinking about additional courses that will enhance my work skills.