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Yvette Kirby - English Language

Yvette Kirby, English Language

"Better English…better life…"

Language is power. My goal is to empower students. I firmly believe that with better English language skills, you can have a better life.

I love teaching English and helping students progress towards their goals. I am a Canberra local and I also love sharing my knowledge of Canberra with my students.

I have worked as an English teacher at CIT since 2017. Prior to that I worked as an English teacher, translator and in student support at several educational institutions in Australia and in Japan.

In my 20s I was a passionate Japanese learner and studied at Okayama university in Japan for a year. A proud moment was passing the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and winning a Japanese speech contest. Never in a million years did I expect to win a speech contest in a foreign language.

If we just try, anything is possible!

What I love the most about our CIT English classes is that they are the most multicultural I have ever seen. It is an ideal environment for students to improve their oral communication skills quickly. We all learn a lot from each other, and we laugh a lot too.

I warmly encourage you to come and join us - learn English at CIT!