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Makarena Bravo Ramirez

My name is Makarena, and I am from Chile, South America.

Makarena Bravo Ramirez - English Language

I grew up in a little city named Talca, with my family. One of my early aspirations was to try and help anyone who needs it, which was taught to me by my parents. Whilst I was studying at university, I was always working in different jobs such as Coca-Cola in the call centre, a waitress and various others. My university degree is in speech pathology, after that I then started a new challenge which was the Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) course, to work with people with autism.

My current studies at CIT are to have my degree recognised in Australia and to help people with different needs. My first language is Spanish; I do like English and doing a course at CIT will help me to improve my English. The course I am completing is the Certificate IV in Written and Spoken English.

I have been studying at CIT since February 2018, and for me, CIT is like my second family. I can feel at home and now CIT is a part of my life. From my experience at CIT, I would like to say; if I can do this you can too. Everything depends on you, you need to work hard and try again and again. If you need support, CIT is the best option for you to feel comfortable and improve your language.