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Ashleigh Bellingham - Children's Services

I have worked in the early education sector for seven years. I hadn't done any study, and wanted to formalise this for my own personal and professional growth.

Ashleigh Bellingham
Ashleigh Bellingham, Children's Services

I started off with the Certificate III in Children’s Services at CIT, and went all the way through to the diploma, which I am now finishing.

The classes were flexible and delivered at night, which meant I was still able to continue to work full time in the industry. Doing both kept me fresh with information, and meant I could put what I learnt in the classroom straight into practice at work.

My classes were held at CIT Woden, which was really handy as it is close to both my work and home. The facilities were very useful, particularly the computers, and it was great as everything was open late at night which was when I was able to use them.

The teachers were great - one in particular was really enthusiastic, and she really re-lit the spark for my passion for children’s services. Especially as the classes are at night time, you need someone who is going to keep you engaged.

My studies have really made me critically reflect on my practice as both a leader and team member, as well as how I place myself and what information I share with others. I would like to progress further in my career and one day would like to get into training and pass on the spark to others.