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Oliver Stojanovski - Year 12 Certificate

"I am a father of five and a member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), who was influenced to join the Navy by a WWII veteran I had worked for after I left school."

Oliver Stojanovski
Oliver Stojanovski, CIT Year 12 Certificate Student

The sense of belonging, pride and contribution to a higher purpose is what drew me to enlist in the Royal Australian Navy in 2000, when I was 19. The ADF has given me the opportunity to apply my skills within a range of dynamic and challenging environments. With this comes a sense of reward in terms of accomplishment when you have to come together as a team to synergize your skills towards meeting a common goal.

My inspiration to study the CIT Year 12 course recently, lies in a combination of personal and professional factors. I found it difficult to relate to the school work my children were bringing home with them, where I was unable to assist them with the questions that related to content from their school syllabuses.

I saw the CIT Year 12 Course as an opportunity to develop my academic skills, whilst broadening my opportunities for career progression. I investigated a range of options from Tertiary Preparatory courses and other courses of study to achieve my goals; however, CIT offered a package that best suited my circumstances. My aim was to increase my subject knowledge and academic application through a flexible delivery of content. CIT had the perfect balance of both.

I am currently within a recruiting role, and my studies through CIT have had a positive impact towards my analytical skills, through to my capacity to improve on my written communication skills. Studying at CIT has allowed me an opportunity to demonstrate that I can manage multiple competing demands while seeking to increase my education credentials, with the view of having a greater input towards my service within the ADF.