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Nicole Polson - ACT Senior Secondary Certificate

Nicole Polson
Nicole Polson, Graduate, ACT Senior Secondary Certificate

I left school without finishing year 12 and entered the workforce. I had a number of jobs in different fields, from retail to the Australian Public Service. I even studied beauty therapy, but I never found something I was truly passionate about.

In 2017 I re-evaluated my life after I suffered a brain haemorrhage and was lucky to survive. One of my biggest regrets was never getting my Year 12 Certificate. As I wasn't able to work during this time, I decided to study year 12 at CIT.

The biggest highlight of my time at CIT was when I received my results, because I achieved so much more than I ever thought I could. Studying at CIT not only prepared me for future study at university, but also helped me to find the career path and passion that I was previously lacking.

I wasn't sure where I wanted my study to take me, but I knew I wanted to finish what I started, so I did the tertiary package that I never finished when I was at school. After completing my studies, I was inspired to apply for university and study business, due to the guidance and support from my teachers. I am currently in my second semester of my first year at the Australian National University (ANU), studying a Bachelor of Business Administration.

CIT was such a good learning environment for me; I was able to reach my full potential due to the support and encouragement of the CIT teachers. I can't say enough positive things about my time at CIT.